WordPress Support: What to Do When You Need Help

By Purplebox Digital

WordPress can be very tricky at times, even for the most experienced users. With such advanced features and almost unlimited customisability, WordPress can get very complicated very quickly.

If it’s your first time using WordPress, then you might find yourself struggling and needing answers. As frustrating as this may be, don’t worry, there is always help on hand.

Thanks to WordPress’s large online community and following, there are plenty of ways to get help on your website. Maybe you can’t centre and image in the editor, or your text won’t position itself correctly, whatever the problem there’s plenty of WordPress support online.

To save you hours of frustration we’ve compiled a list of the top place to get WordPress support online. From the official WordPress community forum to other useful websites, the next time you get stuck, be sure to visit these sites.

The Best Place to Find WordPress Support

Always Check the Support Centre First

support centre

Before you jump into the WordPress support forums and start posting questions, always be sure to check the WordPress support centre first. Not doing so will only end up with you waiting days for a reply only to have someone tell you to go and read the documentation first. With two different support centres available on the WordPress.com and WordPress.org website, both are filled with documentation and tutorials on how to fix common WordPress problems.

From learning, how to use WordPress to installing new themes or even learning how to write a plugin. These support centres are full of juicy information that will help you become a WordPress pro in no time. For the beginner, this documentation is essential reading material and can help you solve plenty of problems in the future.

However, for the more experienced and advanced WordPress user, it might not cover the topics you are looking for. This is where the WordPress support forums come in.

WordPress Support Forum

wordpress support forum

If you’ve searched through the documentation and FAQ’s with no luck, then you should probably post a question on the community support forums. Unlike the documentation, the forums allow you to post any question relating to WordPress and thousands of experienced users will be able to reply in minutes.

Currently, there are two WordPress support forums available. The first is WordPress.org where all questions regarding self-hosted websites should go. If you have WordPress set up and running on your own server then this is the forum for you. The second is WordPress.com where all questions regarding managed websites go. If you pay for your WordPress through WordPress.com, then this is the forum for you.

No matter how simple or complex your question is, the chances are somebody on the forums will be able to point you in the right direction. With a range of users from all over the world with different backgrounds and experience in WordPress, whatever problems you have they’ll be able to help.

WordPress Live Chat

live chat

If you’re desperate for help and have a paid WordPress plan with the official website, then you can get fantastic live chat WordPress support with one of their operatives. Currently, the live chat service is 24 hours a day with limited hours on weekends. Their happy WordPress engineers can answer any questions you have about WordPress, from how it works to how is best to use it.

If this sounds like the type of support that you need the be sure to give it a try over on their official website.

WordPress Plugin Support

plugins wordpress

If you’re having trouble with WordPress that’s not related to WordPress itself; then the chances are it could be some kind of plugin you are using. Plugins can be very powerful, but also very complicated. With thousands of them available that can do a whole range of things, fixing plugins that have gone haywire can be very challenging.

Unfortunately, when it comes to fixing plugins, there is no easy step by step process. The first thing to do is try to identify which plugin is causing the problem and then take it from there. This might involve disabling your plugins 1 by 1 until you find the offender. Once you’ve found the plugin that’s gone haywire, you can start to look for help and support relating to it.

The best place to find the support you need is through the official developer’s website. Every plugin will be made by a 3rd party and will be your best hope at fixing any issues with it. If you find the developer’s website, then they should have a whole array of support features including forums, live chat and documentation.

WordPress Support Guides

wordpress blog guide

If you’re new to WordPress and are finding using the whole thing a bit daunting and confusing, then don’t worry. There are plenty of excellent WordPress guides out there for people who have no experience using WordPress. Even for experienced users, there are still several new things you’ll learn which you never knew you could do.

To help you master WordPress once and for all, we’ve compiled a small list of helpful guides that will take you from WordPress novice to wizard.

Leave it to the Experts

We understand that building and maintaining a website can be hard. With the stress of trying to make the editor do what you want and the constant updates, it can be very frustrating.

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