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Pay Per Click (PPC) is a powerful marketing strategy that brings in instant targeted traffic to your website in a matter of hours. Although setting up a PPC campaign is relatively easy, monitoring it and getting the maximum return from your budget is not. Here at Purplebox Digital we currently manage numerous clients PPC campaigns which we continually monitor and update to ensure they get the best return on investment.

Why Our Approach Works

When a client comes to us asking for help with their PPC campaign we often find that they’re losing money on irrelevant and low converting keywords. The first step of our PPC service is to clean up old campaigns and make sure you’re not spending money on ineffective keywords. We also closely monitor your competitors to see what ads they are running and how well they are converting. Using competitor ads can provide valuable information on how to improve PPC campaigns. Our PPC experts use their extensive selection of tools to ensure you’re only spending money on clicks you want.

Protected From Fraud

Click fraud is a growing issue in the pay per click advertising industry and has been around for a long time. Not only does click fraud ruin and skew analytical data, but it also costs businesses millions of pounds a year. That’s why as standard, all our PPC clients receive free click fraud protection from PPC Protect to ensure no money is lost to fraudulent clicks.


Pay Per Click Platforms We Use

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    Google AdWords

    The most common PPC platform by far is Google AdWords and is often the primary source of PPC traffic for many clients. Using the built-in Google AdWords dashboard and proprietary software we ensure your campaigns are running as efficiently as possible.

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    Bing Ads

    A lesser known pay per click network is Bing Ads which operates on the Bing search engine. Compared to Google AdWords, Bing Ads is a great alternative with relatively lower cost per clicks which can result in incredible returns on investment.

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    Facebook Ads

    Social media is popular than ever with almost two billion active users currently on Facebook alone. Using Facebook Ads is an excellent way to target individual with particular interests and likes, which is significantly harder to do on other PPC networks.

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    LinkedIn Ads

    Clients who are involved in business to business sales often benefit greatly from the use of LinkedIn ads. As LinkedIn is mainly aimed at professional individuals, it often gives companies the business exposure they need.

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