We’re off to Brighton WordCamp 2017

By Purplebox Digital

Here at Purplebox Digital, we’re super excited to head over to Brighton this weekend for our 3rd WordCamp conference this year.

WordCamps are community organised events, put together by WordPress users. You’ll find attendees ranging from newbie bloggers, to web developers, to digital agencies (like us!).

WordPress is a huge part of life here at Purplebox Digital, and we’re huge fans, that’s why we love attending WordCamps. WordCamps are one of the best places to find some of the most valuable knowledge and information shared within the industry, and as an agency that uses WordPress, it’s pretty damn important that we’re one of the first to know about any new developments, features or updates.


Rob and Rich are excited to sport their Wapuu socks at the after-party.

Lian, our web designer & developer, is most looking forward to learning about the ‘Async Advantage’ by Davide Casali, and ‘Beyond Responsiveness’ by Michael Burridge.

We’re eager to attend many more WordCamps this year, and already have plans for WordCamp London (but we’re definitely most excited about this one by the sea).

The team excited to meet other avid WordPress fans this Saturday. Stay tuned for updates and some of our favourite shots from the day!

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