The Statistics Of WordPress

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WordPress is so popular it can be hard to explain how popular it is in just a single sentence. Instead we’ve rounded up some great WordPress statistics to show you just how popular WordPress is and why you should be using it for your businesses website.

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is a highly popular open source content management system, perfect for making websites such as blogs, portfolios or business websites. Since its initial release in 2003 its usage and popularity has grown tremendously and currently is the most popular blogging system in use.

WordPress is updated and maintained by its team of 229 employees daily. Currently there have been over 98 versions of WordPress since its release with each update increasing its security, stability and customisability. With software that has been out this long with over 98 updates it’s something you can definitely rely on.

The most important WordPress Statistics and why you should be using it:

Who Uses WordPress?

Anyone who wants a professional website for their business, blog or portfolio should use WordPress. Thanks to the customisation of WordPress practically anyone can have a WordPress website for anything. No matter if it’s an online gallery, personal blog or a simple landing page, WordPress offers the ability to make any website.

All The Top Blogs are Managed with WordPress

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Currently WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web and is used by more than 76 million websites with more than 50,000 new websites being launched daily. In fact WordPress runs 26% of the entire internet. The statistics don’t lie, WordPress is by far the most popular software when it comes to websites.

Millions of websites depend on WordPress and the usage statistics really show how popular it has become. Currently WordPress websites receive over 409 million unique website visitors a month and over 43.8 million new comments per month.

Over 45,000 Plugins

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WordPress is highly customisable and can be customised in many different ways from the colours, layout and pictures to the actual function of the website itself. WordPress currently has thousands of free and paid plugins that help you customise your website even more.

Currently on the official WordPress plugin website there are over 45,000 plugins available for download. The most popular plugin is Akismet, a spam protection tool that helps protect WordPress websites from comments and contact form spam. The plugin currently has over 35 million downloads

Over 7,000 Themes

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WordPress comes with free standard themes by default but if you want to stand out from the rest then you’ll need to get a new theme.

Themeforest one of the most popular websites for commercial WordPress themes currently has a library of over 7000 themes! Many of these themes come with different styles and layouts which can be changed depending what website you want to create.

Why Is It So Popular?

WordPress is popular for a number of good reasons. First it’s free to use and install which means anyone can set up a website within a few hours. It’s also open source which means you can customise your website to your heart’s content and change things such as the layout, style and theme making your website even more unique.

WordPress is also very user friendly and has simple to navigate menus and toolbars which make working with it a breeze. Changes to your website can be made in seconds by accessing the control panel. The simple what you see is what you get editor even allows people not familiar with coding to make beautiful websites. Simply type your content in the online editor, add pictures and you’re done!

Of course WordPress is also great for very advanced users. Any type of custom made plugins and interfaces can be made using WordPress. So if you have the coding skill then you can customise WordPress to make it do literally anything you want.

Be Unique

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