Best WordPress Plugins For Social Media

By Purplebox Digital

Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook can be great for sharing blogs and content with other users. In this article we’ve rounded up some of the best WordPress plugins to increase your social media interactiveness and help spread your content.


Sumome is a multi purpose WordPress plugin that includes over 9 tools to help increase the retention rate of visitors on your website. Boasting a set-up time of 37 seconds Sumome is very simple to use and has a lot of automated tools that do the work for you. A great feature of the plugin is the heat maps tool that shows you exactly where people are clicking on your site, giving you information on how to improve your pages by knowing what your visitors are looking at. The plugin also helps promote your content on other Sumome websites and sends you free traffic from it’s other 150,000+ sites from the Sumome community. With over 10 tools to help increase the browse time of visitors on your site Sumome is more than just a plugin it’s a whole tool kit with lots of ways to help promote your website and increase your visitors.

Social Media and Share Icons

Social Media Icons

The main purpose of plugin is to allow your visitors to share your content through their own social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter as well helping to promote your own social media pages. With 16 icon styles there are plenty to choose from that will suit any WordPress website or layout. The icons can also be animated to make your visitors aware of them and to increase the chance that they follow / share your content. You can also keep track of how many people have shared your pages through the different social media websites by having a running “share count” at the bottom of each icon. Overall the plugin helps promote your social media pages by redirecting visitors directly to your social media pages as well as helping visitors like and share your content through their own accounts.

Instagram Feed

Instagram feed

Instagram has become a popular social media marketing tool recently and many websites and companies use it to promote their products and brand. Instagram Feed is a plugin that allows users to display photos from Instagram accounts either in the same single feed or in multiple different ones. The plugin is completely customisable and the size, colours and spacing can all be changed to match the layout and style of any website. The main purpose of the plugin is to give visitors a live updated stream of your Instagram account and also gives users the ability to follow you on Instagram if they like what they see. To sum up the plugin provides a live feed of photos from your Instagram account which saves time compared to uploading them manually and gives visitors the ability to directly follow the Instagram account.

OnePress Social Locker

social locker banner

Similar to social media share icons, this plugin can increase your like and shares of content by asking people to pay a tweet or like to view your content. With social locker you can lock any part of your content and automatically unlock it after a visitor has shared or liked your page. The plugin also includes advanced analytics that can easily identify which content lockers on which pages are out performing others and how to optimise your locks to increase your shares and tweets. By selectively locking certain content you can see a huge increase in your social media following and visitors. In conclusion although this plugin sounds simple it can have amazing results on your social media accounts if customers are willing to pay a like or tweet for the content you offer.

Social Media Auto Publish

This simple and efficient plugin does exactly what it says and auto publishes posts from your blog to social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The main purpose is to save time publishing the same post to 4 different websites and to do it all at once automatically. This can be highly beneficial especially if you share a lot of content through social media accounts regularly. The plugin can be customised to auto publish an image or link to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts which again saves the repetition of individually posting the content to each network. To summarise, the plugin is a huge time saver and stops the tedious task of individually posting content to every social media network.

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