Is WordPress Just for Blogging?

By Purplebox Digital

When you think of WordPress many people instantly think of blogs or portfolio websites. But did you know that WordPress can be customised for any type of website? There are plenty of great examples of websites created using WordPress which aren’t blogs. We’ve found a great list of websites to show off how WordPress can be used for practically any type of website. Let’s begin!

Just for Blogging?

WordPress was originally released as a content management system which basically means it was aimed at blogs and similar websites when first released. But thanks to WordPress being open source it allows any programmer or developer to tweak the code. By doing this the developer can make a completely new website from scratch in order to suit a client’s needs. With such flexibility WordPress has been the foundation for many unique websites which aren’t all blogs! Here’s a list of some of the most unique websites made in WordPress… which aren’t blogs.

Solicitors Title

solicitors title

This website, created for the company legal company Solicitors Title features a portfolio styled theme that covers all the work the company has done in the past. In addition to this the website also includes an introduction to their team and staff as well as a news section that is continuously updated. The website’s style comes across as friendly and helpful due to the use of colours and informative information on the page.

As you can see the website has been fully customised and is nothing like you would find on a normal WordPress theme. The entire website has been built from scratch and features an original theme that lists everything a potential customer would want to know.

Stockbridge Farm Barn

stockbridge farm

The Stockbridge Farm Barn website is another portfolio themed website that shows how well WordPress can handle images and galleries. The website is built around the medieval barn venue in Dorset and shows all the incredible events it has hosted in the past. From weddings to musical events to social gatherings the website showcases all the past events in a sleek easy to use gallery. Other content management systems can struggle with too many images but WordPress can easily handle large galleries with thousands of pictures.

G2 Digital

g2 digital logo

Very different from the rest of the websites, the G2 Digital website is a great example of how online e-commerce websites can be made using WordPress. G2 Digital provide custom tailored PC builds for their customers. The website lists all the products and models of computers available to buy in an easy to understand table. Products can also be compared against each other to see the difference between the two which is a nice little added feature. This is very useful for potential customers when they are trying to work out which product is best for them.

This website is a great example of how WordPress can be used for other styles of websites apart from blogs and portfolios. The whole theme was built from scratch to suit the customer’s needs and provides all the relevant technical details of every item listed on the store.


allnat logo

Allnatt is a company that specialises in educational outdoor trips for primary schools, secondary schools and even university level education. Their online website is a portfolio of all the courses they provide as well as details of the facilities they have on both of their premises. The website is designed to include lots of information about what they offer and has plenty of content for potential customers to read through.

The website is very unique and has a specialised layout that encourages customers to take action and contact them for more details, thus improving their conversion rates.


wessex logo

Wessex commercial solutions is a local accountancy firm based in Yeovil that covers the Somerset and Dorset area. Their website provides a great friendly introduction to their business with a video on the landing page. The simple and clean website design makes navigation easy for visitors with buttons on the menu to all the important areas of the site. The website includes case studies on how they can help potential new customers as well as a full list of all the services they provide.

This unique theme and style makes them stand out from competitors in their area by providing a highly functional and sleek website. Other websites will just be using standard WordPress themes which can be bought online. Since some of these themes have been sold over 100,000 times it’s likely someone out there will have a very identical website.

Blooming Social Media

blooming logo

Blooming Social Media is an online social media agency based in Somerset that helps businesses improve their online presence using social media. This dynamic website provides customers will all the information they would need to know about the business such as what courses and services they offer. In addition to this the website also has a blog feature that is regularly updated and provides clients with an update on what’s going on within the business.

The website also includes a list of clients the company has worked with in the past which is part of their portfolio section. The website also has a unique social media feed that shows updates from all of their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Made to Measure

All the websites displayed here were created in house by our special team of developers and web designers. Each website was built from the ground up with a specific purpose to match the business’s needs. As you can see there are many different types of websites from portfolios to online e-commerce websites, WordPress has the power to make any type of website function smoothly. If you’re interested in getting a new website for your business then be sure to contact us for more information.

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