The Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

By Purplebox Digital

As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and they’re not wrong! If you’re planning on having a gallery of pictures on your website then having a good WordPress gallery plugin is vital. Although WordPress does come with its own built-in gallery plugin, it lacks a lot of features and isn’t the best. We’ve rounded up some of the best free WordPress gallery plugins that you can setup on your website straight away. Let’s take a look.

Things to Consider

Before you go searching for the best gallery plugin there’s a few things you should note before deciding. The first is to check for the number of plugin installs and its rating. The more installs and higher rating gives you an idea of how popular the plugin actually is. Popular plugins are normally better than lesser known ones as they’re usually popular for a reason! The ratings also allow you to get an idea of how well the plugin works and if there are any known issues.

Whilst looking through our list of plugins be sure to ask yourself what features you need and make sure the plugin is capable of doing it, not all plugins are made the same! In addition to this making sure the plugin is easy to use is an important factor. If it’s too complicated and confusing it might be better giving it a skip and finding something easier to use. On the plus side, most of these plugins come with great support and you should easily be able to find answers to questions online.

Gmedia WordPress Gallery

Gmedia WordPress Gallery

The first on our best WordPress gallery plugins list is Gmedia gallery. This is a powerful media library plugin which is capable of creating beautiful galleries and managing files. Not only is Gmedia gallery limited to pictures but is also capable of handling audio files as well. Perfect for adding extra depth to your website.

With this fantastic WordPress gallery plugin you can magically change the look and feel of your photo gallery with a huge selection of customisable features and themes. The plugin also boasts a user friendly admin panel which helps make the creation of galleries a breeze.

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery is a fully responsive advanced plugin with an endless list of tools and options helping you to create the perfect gallery for your website. The plugin allows you to add multiple galleries and albums to posts and pages as well as multiple widgets. Using this you can add images whist providing detailed descriptions for each one and arrange them into different albums, giving a sense of organisation to you website.

Foo WordPress Gallery

Foo Plugin WordPress Gallery

This easy and simple to use WordPress gallery plugin allows both new and advanced users to take control of their website. Built with developers in mind, Foo gallery is one of the most developer friendly plugins available for WordPress. The core plugin is lightweight and allows the most flexibility. But if you’re not a web developer then don’t worry you can also Foo Gallery.

The plugin comes with plenty of support such as an FAQ section, community and support forum. If you have any questions or need help then there’s plenty of people to reach out to.

Envira WordPress Gallery

Envira WordPress Gallery Logo

Listed as the best responsive WordPress gallery plugin Envira gallery makes creating beautiful galleries a breeze. No longer does it takes hours of coding or configurations, using Envira gallery galleries can be made in mere minutes! With over 60,000 downloads this WordPress gallery plugin has proven to be popular with WordPress users and is actually the most downloaded plugin on our list.

In addition to this Envira gallery is highly optimised for web and server performance. Speed is always an important factor for your website as it can affect your SEO and rankings. That’s why Envira has put a lot of effort into making sure it’s the fastest WordPress plugin you have ever used.

Portfolio Gallery

This WordPress gallery plugin was specifically designed for portfolio websites. If you have your own online portfolio then this could be the plugin for you. Not only is Portfolio Gallery limited just to pictures, it’s also possible to create videos portfolios or a gallery with single images. You can also embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into your gallery to help promote your other social media accounts.

Overall this plugin is highly customisable and allows you to change every aspect of the gallery. If you have your own portfolio website and are looking to showcase your work then this is probably the plugin for you.

WP Photo Album Plus

WordPress Photo Album Plus Plugin

Last but not least on our list is the WP Photo Album Plus plugin. This plugin is designed to help you easily manage and display photos albums and slideshows within your WordPress site. With no limitations to the number of pictures or galleries allowed this plugin can tackle all your gallery needs. With a current rating of 4.6 on the official WordPress website this plugin has gained a lot of good reviews from members. When you look at the countless features available for this plugin you’ll be left with plenty of options to suit your every need.

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