WordPress vs Wix: Which is Better?

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Although WordPress is currently the go to content management system for blogs and websites, there are a number of other alternatives available like Wix. Wix and WordPress both have their advantages and disadvantages yet both can be used to create amazing websites. Before you go out and start building your website it’s important to make sure you choose the right platform. Imagine finding out halfway through your platform doesn’t do what you need it to! But fear not, if you’re having trouble deciding between the two platforms then we’ve got everything you need to know about both of them. Let the battle of WordPress vs Wix commence!


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WordPress is currently the most used content management system (CMS) online and power overs 70 million websites! The open source software allows users to completely customise the software if they wish, allowing them to tailor a website to their every need. Known for producing sleek responsive websites the software’s popularity has grown immensely due to its ease of use and great support.


A strong competitor to WordPress, Wix has been around for over 10 years and allows users to create websites using their drag and drop editor. Although Wix has not been around as long as WordPress it still has millions of users as it allows users to create practically any website they want. The platforms integrated plugins and low costs has helped it grow into the popular CMS it is today.


Wordpess Wux Prices

Price is a very important factor when comparing the two as budgets in business are essential and if you don’t stick to them there will be trouble! The goal is to make sure your website does everything you need it to within your allocated budget.

Wix offers a basic free plan of their software also referred to as “freemium” which comes with adverts on the top and bottom of your website. This is in order to pay for the free of hosting your website. Sounds fair enough? Obviously not everyone will want this so they do offer a premium paid version that removes adverts and increases the amount of storage and bandwidth. The prices start from £2.55 a month and include 1GB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage which is enough to host 1 or 2 websites.

WordPress on the other hand is slightly different and gives you more options. The first option is to host your website off their official host, WordPress.com. Similar to the Wix hosting, WordPress offers a free version that includes adverts which can be removed if you subscribe. The cheapest premium option is a mere $2.99 a month (around £2.29) and includes 3GB of storage, hundreds of free themes and live chat support. The second option is to host the software directly on your own host. Since WordPress is open source and is free to use and customise you can install it anywhere you like. This means if you already have an existing web host you can take advantage of it by installing WordPress and saving yourself any extra fees.


Wordpess Wux Prices

The usability and ease of use of the platform is important if you plan on doing everything yourself. If something is too complicated or technical then you might have to spend a lot of timing just learning how to use it.

Wix comes with a great drag and drop interface that makes building websites a breeze. Simply select any element on your side and start editing it in the visual editor. If you fancy changing the layout or moving some around just drag the element and place it in its new home. Although the visual drag and drop editor is very useful for beginner users more technical users might find it a bit too basic.

WordPress comes with a similar visual editor although it’s not drag and drop. The editor still allows you to easily type text, insert pictures and videos with the click of a button but it doesn’t allow you to just drag everything where you want. Although it might sound like a disadvantage it’s actually a benefit. As well as having the visual editor the platform also allows you to directly access the HTML code. This is great for advanced users and developers as it allows them to fully customise a page.

Support and Help

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If you’ve never used certain software before then it’s vital it comes with good support and help. It’s also certain that you’ll get stuck at some point and will quickly need to find out how to solve the problem. If their online support takes 3 to 5 working days to respond then building a website can quickly turn into a lengthy project.

Wix has a focused support team that help their users troubleshoot any problems or queries they have regarding the platform. They also have a whole library of articles and walk through tutorial videos to help you build your website. Wix also offers email and scheduled phone support as well if you prefer talking to a real person. Since the Wix website is made entirely with Wix, they have a lot of experience with the software and know how to everything.

WordPress has just as much, if not even more help than Wix. The great thing about WordPress is that is has an enormous community full of thousands of users all ready to answer your question. Aside from the giant forums there are also articles and tutorials to help you get your website set up. Since WordPress is the most popular CMS software in the world, it’s no surprise that it’s very well documented with hundreds (if not thousands) of articles and tutorials. If you really need help then simply post a question in the forum and you will generally have a reply within minutes. If you fancy something more in depth then there are also plenty of books that have been written on WordPress which will walk you through setting up your first website.

WordPress Vs Wix: And The Winner Is…

Wordpress vs Wix

To sum up this WordPress vs Wix battle there is only one clear winner. Due to the pricing, ease of use and great support WordPress is the clear winner here. Not to mention the fact that WordPress is completely free, open source and entirely customisable! Wix might be a good contender but its lack of customisability and open source means users are forced to use the basic drag and drop editor. Although this is a good thing for new users, more advanced users might have trouble trying to make a website do what they want it to. There’s a reason why over 26% of the entire internet choose WordPress run their website, simply because it’s the best!

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