5 Awesome WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Conversion Rate

By Purplebox Digital

If you have your own website then you should know how important your conversion rate is. Without conversions you won’t bring in customers which will severely affect your bottom line. A good website will have a good conversion rate meaning people who visit your website eventually decide to buy your product or service. But what if your conversion rate isn’t up to par or has been decreasing over the last few months? Well don’t worry, we’ve got some amazing WordPress plugins for you to help improve your conversion rate and turn your website around. Here are some great WordPress conversion plugins you need on your site.


Bloom Plugin Banner

Bloom is a wonderful popup plugin that allows you to add powerful popup opt-in forms to your site. If your website has a mailing list then this plugin will work wonders for you by increasing the number of sign ups to your mailing list. If your website doesn’t have a mailing list then it’s about time you got one! By continuously keeping your potential customers updated with new products and services you are offering increases the chances of them converting.

The plugin is very customisable and comes with over 100 starter templates and 6 opt-in styles including popup, fly in and widget. Popups are great because they grab the attention of visitors and gives them a call to action. If you think popups are too intrusive then don’t worry the plugin also allows you to place opt-in boxes on the page.


Optimizepress Banner

If you’re running any pay per click advertising campaigns and need to emphasize a call to action on your page then OptimizePress has got you covered. This useful plugin allows you to create a variety of sales pages, landing pages and launch funnels that will really help boost your conversions and sales. The plugin allows you to completely create your own landing page from scratch which can then be used directly with your PPC marketing campaign to capture users and increase their chances of conversion.

The plugin also does a whole range of other things such as the ability to create secure membership portals, webinar registration pages and authority blogs. If you sell digital products online or run an online marketing campaign on your website you’ll definitely find value in this awesome plugin.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache Banner

The faster your website loads will definitely have an effect on your conversion rate. Visitors love fast loading pages in this day and age. Slow loading websites can cause customers to leave in seconds if the website doesn’t load. Making sure your website loads as fast as possible is vital if you want to stop customers from leaving.

W3 Total Cache is a plugin that improves the user experience of your website by reducing the overall download time. When the plugin is fully configured it boasts at least a 10x improvement in overall site performance, which should be fast enough for even the most impatient visitors. The plugin currently has over 1 million installs and has a 4.3 star out of 5 rating with over 3000 reviews. The results speak for themselves, if you want to speed up your website, get this plugin!

Nelio AB Testing

Nelio A/B Testing Banner

Sometimes website can be improved and changed in order to increase conversions. But how do you actually know if a change on your website is improving or ruining your conversion rate? If you’ve been in the industry for a while then you should know about A/B tests and how beneficial they can be. If you want to perform a good AB test then you need the right plugin to do so.

Nelio AB Testing is a powerful and versatile conversion optimisation plugin for WordPress. The plugin helps you define, manage and track AB testing experiments as well as the ability to view helpful heat maps. Nelio AB is compatible with many other WordPress plugins such as OptimizePress, Gravity Forms and countless others. This means it gives you the ability to change other plugins settings and run AB tests on them with ease. No complicated changes going back and forth to change the settings, this plugin covers it all for you.

Ninja Popup

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popup is a multifunction plugin that allows you to take advantage of the power of on page popups. Have you ever been browsing a website then just as you’re about to leave the page a popup appears offering you a special discount? The chances are they are probably using Ninja Popup on their website. With many other features including social and opt-in content lockers the plugin comes with over 65 already created themes which can be fully customised. By adding content lockers to your page you are basically forcing people to sign up with their email address before they can access it. It might sound too aggressive or wrong but if a visitor really wants to access the content they will do anything to get it!

The plugin specialises in keeping people on your website which will increase the average time a visitor spends on your website. It also helps you build your mailing list by reminding people to opt-in. Some users of this plugin have reported a 700% increase in email subscribers!


If you want to know who your website visitors are, what pages they have been at, what they are interested the most, who their chief decision makers are, and how they can be contacted, then it’s high time for you to install Albacross plugin. Albacross, however, is more than just a plugin, it’s a web-based B2B lead generation platform.

With Albacross you’ll be able to identify and monitor the companies that are visiting your website. Besides that, the integration with Zapier allows you to send leads to your favorite CRMs and outreach tools. All in all, Albacross tool is designed to help you automatically generate leads and boost your sales.

Take Your Conversion Rate to the Next Level

Did you know almost every aspect of your website affects your conversion rate? the layout, font, pictures and colour scheme all have an effect on how the visitor will respond. If your website is hard to navigate, most visitors will never find the checkout button. If your font is too hard on the eyes, many people will just give up and leave. WordPress plugins might be able to help you improve your conversion rate a little, but the big increases come from the website itself.

Here at Purplebox Digital we specialise in making beautiful websites from start to finish that are tailored made to your specifications. Thanks to their well thought out designs and layouts by our in house creative team all of our clients experience higher than normal conversion rate. It’s no secret that a great website leads to a great conversion rate. To see how we can help boost your conversion rate and improve your bottom line, contact us today for a quote.

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