Web Design Agencies vs Web Design Freelancers

By Purplebox Digital

Who should build my website?

If you’re thinking of getting a website for your business then you’ve probably had this question in the back of your head for a while. Every business needs a website and that’s a fact, so there’s really no avoiding the question.

The two main choices are a freelancer or a web design agency.

Both choices have their benefits, both choices produce good results, but which is the best for you? Choosing the right team or freelancer for your business is very important and you need to make sure you are making the right choice.

Should you hire somebody to devote all their time to your website or should you trust a larger organisation with the project? These might be questions that you’ve never thought about until now but answering them should help bring you closer to your choice.

So what is a web design freelancer and why should I choose them over a web design agency?

The Web Design Freelancer

Webdesign Freelancer

A web design freelancer is an individual who produces websites for clients. Think of them like a one man army that does everything on their own.

The designing, coding, creation and testing will all be done by the same person and they will oversee every aspect of your website from start to finish.

Now you’re probably thinking:

If they do everything themselves then they must be pretty smart and talented. Well in a way you’re right. Although they may not be an expert at every stage of the process they’ll definitely get the job done to a high standard.

Freelancers will often ask you for a detailed plan about your website before they commit to the project. If they lack the skills or think they won’t be able to manage it then they will simply reject your offer.

After all, nobody is forcing them to work for anyone. They get to choose their own clients.

If you and the freelancer can agree on a website and budget then great! The freelancer will start work on your website immediately and keep you updated throughout the process. Many freelancers work for themselves from home and are very easy to get hold of if you need an update.

Due to them working for themselves you also receive a more personal customer service. Since the freelancer will do everything from making the website to dealing with you and your questions, you’ll be able to establish a good relationship.

Depending on the size of your website, most web design freelancers can offer much cheaper rates compared to web design agencies. Most freelancers are billed by the hour, so if your website is fairly simple and straightforward, then you can expect a fast and cheap turnaround.

The Web Design Agency

Webdesign agency

If the web design freelancer is a one man army doing everything themselves, then the web design agency is like a whole army of web building specialists. Compared to a freelancer the whole website project will be split up amongst many different people who all specialise in their craft.

That means professional designers will be designing and planning your website while professional coders will be coding it. Similar to a production line in a car factory, each person specialises in a certain craft.

As you’ve probably guessed it’s much better to have one person who’s really good at a specific skill than one person whose average in many different skills. This is one of the biggest benefits you get with a web design agency.

Not only do they have a larger team, but they also have more resources which means your website will be made faster and to a higher standard.

Another great benefit of working with a web design company is the security. Many freelancers will do a project based on a verbal or written agreement. If the freelancer is terrible or the work never gets finished then you might be struggling to get your website finished or your money back.

When working with a web design agency the whole process is a lot more professional and involves contracts, documentation and sometimes even a business lawyer. All this should good you extra peace of mind that you’re protected in case anything does happen to go wrong or your website never gets finished.

If you’re worried about costs when choosing a web design agency then you shouldn’t be. Before any work is started there will always be a professional consultation. In this consultation you can cover what you want your website to include and most importantly, your budget.

Unlike freelancers most projects are done on a fixed fee. This means in the unlikely event there are any delays or problems with your website you won’t be expect to pay for every extra hour of work.

So Which Should You Choose?

web design agency vs freelance

As you can probably tell, it’s an obvious choice. Web design agencies provide much more bang for your buck compared to web design freelancers. Not only are they faster and cheaper but they also do a much better job thanks to their army of employees.

Why rely on one person to do all the work when you can rely on a team of experts to build your website. Your freelancer might be a very good coder and designer, but do they know how to make your website convert? The chances are they don’t have all the skills to make your website amazing.

In addition to this, you also get a much better service from a web design agency. Many freelancers work for themselves and if you’re constantly asking for updates and changes, the chances are they won’t get back to you straight away.

Not to mention sometimes due to their weird work schedules freelancers can be very hard to get hold of. Expect vague and brief emails at 3am updating you on the progress of your website.

On the other hand web design agencies have standard working hours in which you can ring them up and get an answer straight away.

Finally there’s the cost.

When using a freelancer, a website that might sound like a simple and straightforward idea can easily turn into a very long winded project. Not the news you want to hear when you’re paying somebody by the hour!

Some freelancers can “overestimate” their skills and abilities just to get a good deal. Later you find out that they actually can’t do it within the given time. Web design agencies on the other hand will only take on a project they know they can complete to a high standard.

Since you’re paying for the website itself and not somebody per hour you don’t have to worry about any additional costs that might pop up.

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