Rock Band Websites With WordPress

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Twisted sister once sang “you can’t stop rock ‘n roll” but you can with an out of date website. Setting up a band can be an expensive venture and you’ll want to cut costs wherever you can. WordPress is a great middle ground for a band that wants an awesome website without all the costs of fully custom website design. This short post will show you why your band website can use WordPress. We’ll suggest some rocking themes and we’ll even show some examples of the famous musicians who aren’t afraid to use WordPress for their band website. We know that you’ll want your gig as soon as possible so without further ado let’s rock (and roll).

Famous Band Websites in WordPress

We all have our idols and I’m sure that you’ll be thinking “I’m not using WordPress. That’s for basic websites and people who blog about baking”. Well actually WordPress accounts for 26.1% of all websites and it’s a great platform for bands. It’s flexible, you can easily install plugins to play song previews or update your tour dates, you can use themes to cut down on dev time and ultimately cost and WordPress is a simple way to blog. Blogging is important for your band because you can interact with your fans and create mailing lists; although we’ve gone a bit off topic here.

With the amount of people using WordPress there are bound to be some big name bands out there that have a WordPress band website and to give you more time to practice your awe inspiring guitar solo we’ve tracked them down and put them in a helpful list below (although this list isn’t exhausted and there are other band websites on WordPress out there):

Acoustic guitar rocker Jason Mraz uses WordPress for his website

jason mraz website

Hip Hop legend Jay Z also uses WordPress for his website

Jay-Z website

Katy Perry’s official website is based on a custom WordPress theme

katy perry website

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger gets Satisfaction from his WordPress website

mick jagger website

Band Website WordPress Themes

It can be difficult to suggest a WordPress theme for your specific band without knowing what style of music you create. This short list showcases some of the best themes but it’s by no means the only good themes for bands. By doing your own research you can find a theme that’s perfect for you – Or you could always pay a developer to create one for you (this is where we come in – just drop us an email to find out more!). It depends on your budget.


$39 / link

Oscillator wordpress band theme

Oscillator is creative, modern, elegant, stylish and responsive. It’s one of the best WordPress themes for bands out there. It can be heavily customised to suit the needs for all sorts of band websites and boasts sophisticated features such as an audio player, widgets and simple drag and drop posting. This is a theme we highly recommend that will perfectly represent your band in a flawlessly responsive, attractive and gorgeous style.


$59 / link

Nilltone band wordpress theme

Nilltone is a simple theme that fits any style of WordPress band website. It’s fully responsive across multiple devices and looks modern with its flat website design. It can be fully customised to express your music and the colours can be fully modified to help the website reflect your band. This theme is even compatible with WooCommerce allowing you to sell those dusty albums in your garage online.


$49 / link

vice wordpress band theme

Vice is the choice for musicians who want to create an inspiring and artful website that is sure to attract plenty of visitors. You can set up personalised images to scroll through on the home page and it’s modern yet minimal. It looks fantastic on high retina displays and there are loads of personalised colour options to make this the best WordPress band website on the internet. To already sweeten this sugar coated deal it even comes with what can be described as the best music player on WordPress.


$49 / link

colibri wordpress music theme

This website theme is cheap yet effective. We recommend it for those that want a landscape website for their band website. It’s also got social media integration and your site can even link to your latest Instagram images, Twitter tweets and Soundcloud sounds. It’s an extremely versatile theme which can represent any band and every single page can have a different background image which is a feature that we find rare for a WordPress theme.


$59 / link

vocal music wordpress theme

This responsive theme is perfect for the more modern band or DJ. It’s simple yet very versatile and filled with features. Its colour selection is limited but it allows full flexibility with mp3 tracks and videos as well as custom widgets and an Ajax contact form. This theme won’t meet the requirements for all bands but we think it’s perfect for a dance/techno band website on WordPress.

What’s the Bottom Line?

What this post is getting at is that there is no excuse for your band website to suck. If you want to get those amazing gigs and follow the guitar hero adventure from the back garden to the world stage then your band needs to put some effort and money into your website. Thankfully WordPress offers an affordable alternative to the traditional full custom websites and in many ways functions and looks better than a custom developed site. This means that you’ll have even more money to spend on that awesome tour bus, a recording studio or maybe you could buy more guitars to get that smashing ending to your first gig.

smashing guitar

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