Responsive Web Design Examples

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With the recent increase in mobile devices and tablet sales, mobile surfing is fastly becoming the most common way for users to browse websites compared to desktop users. The problem is not all websites are optimised for mobile devices which can cause layout and viewing issues for visitors with pictures being too large and not viewable on smaller devices. Responsive web design is a type of web design that provides optimal viewing on a wide range of devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop with minimum scrolling and resizing. A responsive website should look the same on mobile devices when compared to the desktop version. We’ve gathered some of our favourite responsive web design examples that show how a well-designed can be viewed on many different platforms and still look great.

Responsive Web Design Examples List

#1 Made By Hand | Link

Made by hand website responsive web design

On this responsive web design example the website mainly focuses on short films celebrating people who make things by hand. This clean and simplistic website includes responsive video that adjusts depending on the size of the screen the viewer is using which adds an extra depth to the interaction and shows that using video on a website can increase the experience for users.

#2 Flow Festival | Link

Responsive Flow Festival Web Design

This Finnish website provides a whole range of information for the flow festival based in Helsinki. It integrates the festivals Instagram and Twitter feeds to keep visitors up to date with the latest news and announcements, such as the latest artists to join the festival. The website also changes fluidly without having to refresh the page which adds another level of interaction.

#3 Andersson-wise | Link

Andersson wise responsive web design example

Andersson-Wise is an architecture and design studio based in Austin, Texas. One of the main features of the website is that it provides an easy way to view their gallery of pictures without excessive scrolling or loading times due to the resizable thumbnails that change size depending on what device the visitor is using to view the webpage. This responsive web design example shows how content can be resized to increase load times of websites which is especially helpful on mobile devices using roaming internet.

#4 Bonobos | Link

Bonobos responsive web design example

The online clothing store Bonobos has a really sleek website with simple navigation that retains its style and detail of the original website on the mobile version providing a greater user experience no matter what device the visitor is using. When viewing products the website also makes sure not to overload the pictures unless requested which increases the speed of the website.

#5 Skinny Ties | Link

Skinnyties responsive web design example

This family owned business dating back to 1971 has a highly responsive website that even functions perfectly on the smallest of screens and mobile devices as the menus are resized to the user’s device. The menus also changes from horizontal to vertical depending on the space available which shows how responsive websites take advantage of the users viewing device and fits all the content. This is one of the most beautiful responsive web design examples we’ve come across.

Responsinator | Link

To check your website to see how responsive it is on different browsers and mobile devices there is a great website ( which allows you to view websites on a range of different mobile and tablet devices. If you take a look at some of the responsive web design examples above you can see how well they resize and adjust depending on the size of the device it is being used on.  If you’re looking for a responsive website or want to make your current website more responsive then contact us using the button below.

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