Do Local Businesses Need Websites?

By Purplebox Digital

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No matter what industry you’re in every business needs a website if you want to grow your business and increase your customers and clients. If you don’t have a website for your local business then you might as well be hiding away in the dark, unless of course that’s what you’re aiming for.

Now you might be thinking why would a small local business need a website? Well it’s not just large corporations that can benefit from having a website. There’s so many things you can incorporate into a business website you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Having a website increases your online presence meaning people are more likely to find you when they search for local businesses in your area. If you were a local plumber do you think your sales would increase if you appeared number 1 on Google for the keyword ‘plumbers’?

In fact you don’t even have to be number 1, appearing anywhere on the Google search results will increase your visitors and sales compared to not having a website. Having a website also increases your credibility. If a potential customer Google’s your name and does not find any website relating to your business they could lose trust and go with a competitor instead.

If all the big credible companies have websites then surely your local business should too? To benefit from an increase in sales you need a website, hence why they are so important for all types of businesses.

There are many ways to increase your online presence such as using social media but there are of course limitations which only websites can overcome.

What About Social Media for Local Businesses?

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Social media is great when used with your business website as it’s a great channel to increase your visitors and get people to your website. But using social media as a replacement instead of a website is a big no no.

Social media websites like Twitter only allow you to post a limited number of characters. Do you think you could advertise your business and get messages across in only 140 characters? Probably not.

It’s great for giving customers and clients a quick update on what’s going on and what special offers you have running. But if they’ve never done business with you before and want more information they’ll have trouble finding it on social media.

Most websites use social media as a channel to push visitors to their existing website and not as a new website. Keeping all the important information and details on your website and updating customers and clients using social media is the best way to combine the two.

Are Website Expensive?

Website costs can vary depending on how unique or big you want the website to be. If you’re a local cafe and want a website with your menu, contact information and pictures then it’s going to be that pricey. Compared to a local crafts business that wants a fully built online store so customers can buy their items online and get them delivered, obviously this would be a much bigger project.

If you already have an advertising budget set out but don’t have a website that it would be best to use some of that money to put it towards the cost. After all your website is basically advertising to the world what your business does.

What If I Don’t Have The Time?

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Running and maintaining a website actually takes a lot less time than you think. Not having the time to run a website is a poor excuse. Especially with the amount of new business it can bring you.

Once the website is built it will need to be updated with new content so visitors come back and visit. If it’s just a static website full of information that is never updated then visitors won’t have a reason to visit again in the future.

Having a news or blog section is perfect to update visitors with what’s going on in the business or providing them with any other relevant information they might enjoy. Updating your website also shows that you check it regularly, meaning you are more likely to respond to emails and comments from visitors.

If you really don’t have the time and can’t spend 30 – 60 minutes a week updating and checking your website then it is possible to get someone else to do it. Many digital marketing agencies will help you update your website and attract new visitors to your site, thus increasing your sales and online presence.

Here at Purplebox Digital we specialise in creating unique tailor made websites to fit your business. Every website is designed from the ground with you and your business in mind. Our team of designers, developers and marketers will work with you closely to ensure the website suits your every need.

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