Why Your Website Speed Matters

By Purplebox Digital

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Website loading speed, also known as website speed, is very important nowadays as in this modern world of technology where people want everything as fast as possible. But what exactly can your website speed affect? Website speed can affect your conversion rate, bounce rate and even your overall Google rank.

According to industry statistics nearly 50% of visitors expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less. If it takes more than 3 seconds to load most visitors don’t have the patience and will leave the page known as a “bounce”.

So how exactly can a slow loading website affect your conversion rate? Well 79% of web shoppers who have had trouble with a website loading said they wouldn’t return to the website again. You can see from these statistics that first impressions of your website count and making sure it loads fast is vital. The average user has no patience for a website that takes a long time to load.

Most websites are trying to rank on Google for a specific keyword or phrase. It makes sense that you want your website to rank as high as possible, hopefully hitting that number 1 spot. But did you know that your website speed can actually affect your Google rank?

If your bounce rate is considered too high then Google sees the website as not being relevant for that search term. So every time someone abandons your page due to it taking too long to load it slightly increases your bounce rate. You might have the best website full of original content but if it takes too long to load visitors won’t be around to experience it.

By having a high bounce rate this makes Google think your page is not relevant for that search term when it most likely is. If it’s just one webpage on your website that is picture heavy and increases loading times then you’ll receive lower rankings for that search term. If your whole website is slow due to the hosting server or theme then all your search terms will be affected.

How You Can Increase Your Website Speed

Web page loading slowly

Have you ever wondered why some web pages load slowly?

Most websites nowadays are made using WordPress as it’s a popular and easy to use content management system. Many WordPress themes can be tweaked to match certain needs or industries such as eCommerce and online shopping. The problem with this approach is the standard themes can be a bit slow as they include unnecessary plugins and bloatware. All of this of course increases your website’s loading time which users don’t like.

The best way to fix this is to make a custom WordPress theme that is built from the ground up for a specific purpose. Here at Purplebox Digital we offer bespoke custom website designs and themes for WordPress. All of these websites are custom built and tailored to fit your every need. This cuts out all the unnecessary plugins and things you don’t need which slows the website down.

If you’re considering getting a website then make sure your website speed is optimised. Contact us to see how we can make a custom built theme and website specifically for you.

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