10 Free Google Web Fonts

By Purplebox Digital

We recently discussed how important the colour of your website is but it’s important to talk about another design aspect – web fonts. Finding a nice font through all the mediocre free fonts online can take hundreds of hours and the real gems are well hidden. This coupled with the fact that your website needs at least 2 fonts can lead to endless hours of searching typefaces.

Our favourite free web design fonts come from the free-to-use Google Web Fonts which offers fonts that can be used commercially and for personal use. They are simple to use, easy to install and great for all modern web design projects.

Top 10 Google Web Fonts

Even this database has lot’s of fonts so we’ve saved you the time and selected our favourite 10.


Free web fonts Google Montserrat

Download Here

Montserrat is an extremely popular font that is both charming and professional. It’s a fantastic font for personal and business use and can be used as a web design font or as a font for user interfaces in apps. You can even use this web font for design projects such as branding.

Playfair Display

Free web fonts Google Playfair

Download Here

Playfair took its influence from the late 18th century and aims to look like a typographical font with bold letters. It can fit into tight spaces because the capitals aren’t very high – the main difference between cases being the difference in letter boldness. This web design font lends itself perfectly to headlines or titles and we recommend that it is paired with Georgia for a Newspaper feeling.

Josefin Sans

Free web fonts Google Josefin

Download Here

This font face is elegant, vintage and geometric. It’s a beautiful web font perfect for websites that use a very flat theme. It’s got beautiful heights on he letters and this is honestly one of our favourite web fonts on the internet.


Free web fonts Google Jura

Download Here

Jura is a sans-serif font family inspired by Kayah Li glyphs in a western alphabet. It’s a great web font because it includes Cryillic and Greek alphabets and comes in four different font weights. This font looks great for futuristic websites and also suits modern publications.


Free web fonts Google Fjord

Download Here

Fjord was originally designed with printed books in mind. It’s specialised for small print sizes and long texts which makes it fantastic for web copy. It’s got prominent serifs and long elegant ascenders and descenders relative to the height of the letter ‘x’. We find this is one of the best web fonts for the copy of commercial websites but thanks to it’s beautiful design it also looks great for headers if you already have a copy font.

Open Sans

Free web fonts Google Open Sans

Download Here

Open Sans is one of the most popular web fonts available. It’s a sans serif font and contains all 897 characters from the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic character sets. It’s smooth, natural, relaxing and friendly and looks fantastic on print, web and even mobile across many sizes.

Old Standard TT

Free web fonts Google Old Standard TT

Download Here

Old Standard is another serif typeface which was developed around the late 19th century. It’s a fantastic type setting for scientific papers as well as old books and adds a touch of history to a modern website. This web font is a great alternative to those websites that don’t suit a modern font.


Free web fonts Google Lato

Download Here

Lato is a sans serif typeface which was created in 2010 in Poland. This font was originally designed for a large client as a corporate font but when the client decided to change direction the web font was released for general use.

This stroke of luck has made a stunningly beautiful font available to you and we definitely recommend you take advantage of this opportunity. The semi-rounded details make this font feel warm and the strong structure adds stability which makes this font feel serious and corporate.


Free web fonts Google Stalemate

Download Here

Sometimes a more handwritten or classical approach is needed. This web font is too difficult to read for use as web copy but it can look great for the headers on your website as well as in company branding. This font feels luxurious and fits well on photography websites as well as art based businesses.


Free web fonts Google Oswald

Download Here

Oswald was created as a reworked version of the traditional “alternative gothic”  sans serif web fonts. This font was specifically designed to fit to the pixel grid of standard digital screens meaning it’s an excellent font for online use. It comes in light and bold styles and can be used for headers or copy.

If you’ve chosen two web fonts that you really enjoy then talk to us to see how we can help integrate them into your business website.

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