8 Beautiful WordPress Themes

By Purplebox Digital

As we have previously discussed WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet so it only stands to reason that there will be lots of themes available. A WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together to create the visual aspect of your website. There are some extremely beautiful WordPress themes out there, although beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We’ve gone through hundreds of the most popular WordPress themes to create a list of what we think are the 8 most beautiful WordPress themes available. Most of these can be used for business although we did find a personal CV website theme too.

One Theme

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beautiful WordPress themes one

One is a great starter to our list of beautiful WordPress themes because it’s an amazing looking theme. It features a full page slider, a WordPress blog that looks great, an easy to use portfolio and some it’s fully responsive. It also works with parallax which is a great way to make your website feel modern. This stunning theme is great for creative business and agencies as well as traditional businesses who want a beautiful website.


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Personal CV Website Theme

cVCard is one of the most unique in our list of beautiful WordPress themes because it’s not for business. This theme is to make you an eye catching personal CV website which makes you stand out from the crowd when you apply for jobs. We won’t go into the benefits of having an online CV here but if you are applying for a job in the technology sector then this beautiful theme will certainly make you a prime piece of property in the job market.


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Beautiful WordPress Themes Lilith

This is one of the most beautiful WordPress themes we’ve ever seen when it comes to displaying art or imagery. The website focuses heavily on large images with a side navigation that fits seamlessly into the overall design. It’s an amazing theme for artists or designers and it’s compatible with shops. This beautiful theme would also create a stunning landing page for an author who wants to promote their new book.


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Beautiful WordPress Themes Ink

This is another one of those beautiful WordPress themes which relies on imagery to get its point across. It’s got a gorgeous layout and it’s simple to use as well as a hidden menu which is easy to find, but keeps the website looking minimal. This beautiful theme would be perfect for a clothing store as well as a magazine or any other image heavy business and we can’t recommend it enough.

Old Paper

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Beautiful WordPress Themes Paper

Sticking with the idea of a magazine we came across one of the most beautiful WordPress themes based on a vintage newspaper. With print starting to move online and regular physical papers decreasing in sales this theme is perfect for making the move from traditional print to the digital world. It’s great for a news related business and don’t let the vintage design fool you, although this theme might look old fashioned it’s got all the aspects of a modern and responsive website.


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Beautiful WordPress Themes Akin

If you want a modern website that stands out and uses flat design then Akin is one of the most beautiful WordPress themes available to you. This theme would be perfect for an agency that focuses on digital design but it would also be a great choice for a traditional business, like an accountancy, which wants to move into the digital era.


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Beautiful WordPress Themes Bridge

This theme boasts a fantastic video header as well as a full page slider. The designs with this theme are limitless and it’s one of the most minimal yet beautiful WordPress themes available – It’s also one of the top selling. While this theme is used by a lot of creative agencies we think it could easily suit almost any use and their vast sample of demo templates proves this.


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Beautiful WordPress Themes Vertex

The last, but my no means least, theme on our list of the most beautiful WordPress themes is vertex. It’s a simple theme but it’s got a fantastic call to action with lots of animations available for users to explore. It’s fully responsive and looks both professional and modern. One of the best features of this theme is the fantastic and unique testimonial section.

If you think we’ve missed any stunning themes from this list then be sure to let us know. Sometimes you can’t always find what you want with a theme and that’s where we come in – For beautiful and bespoke website design contact us today.

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